Every day she woke up, 

Took a shower, 

Made tea, 

Listened to her morning radio station for a word of encouragement, 

Kissed her babies goodbye and headed out, 

As she always did, 

She’d get to work, 

Do her required piece diligently, 

At the end of the day she’d be so tired yet so proud, 

She’d done her part, 

She’d board a bus, 

And as it moved she noticed, 


The same old highway, 

The same old restaurants, 

The same old people, 

The same old pathetic conditions of the streets, 

The same old dust, 

The same old smell, 

Same old, same old, 

Nothing ever seemed to changed,

She lived a monotonous life and she was tired, 

She wanted some new thrill, 

She wanted to break the monotony. 

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