The past will remain to be what it is,

It will never change,

Its part of the reality we don’t want to face,

Or one we never want to forget,
Unbearable, unforgettable or not,
It makes up what we become.

Our past will serve as a lesson,
Sometimes an undeserving one,
Other times a well deserved lesson,
Either way it will always be a part of who we are,
And who we become.

Sometimes the past is too freaky to face,
Sometimes we don’t even have the heart to look back,
Either way no matter what it was,
No matter how much it hurt,
No matter the scar,
Its the past don’t let it haunt you,
Use you past,
Don’t let it use you and overcome you.

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    1. ednakimaniblog says:

      Thank you:)

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  1. nice piece you got here

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