Getting attached to things, people and animals is something I’m prone to, 

I never thought I’d love something that’s not me as much as i did you, 

You gave me a sense of responsibility 

You brought out the motherly instincts inside me, 

Losing you brought out a sadness i knew not, 

Winds or tornado, 

Floods or tsunamis, 

Nothing would devastate me more than your death, 

I know i wasn’t there, 

I was a lausy mom and for that baby I’m sorry,.

I guess all i wanna say is i miss you and everyday i reminisce of our moments together, 

Kristie nothing will ever stop me from remembering just how much awesome a ckitten you were, 

And maybe i never got the chance to tell you goodbye the right way, 

And maybe i wasn’t ready to lose something else in my life just yet, 

Either way, 

I wish you were still around, 

And so does trixie. 

Let the star that shines brightest be you, 

And the morning sunrays be you tender paws upon my face, 

My baby, 

My sweet darling, 

I will always remember you and will always miss you. 

Goodbye little kitty i love you always. 

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