I look at the oceans, 
How the waters rage, the noise they make, 

When the storms are too strong even for sailers, 

Then i wonder how fast they overwhelm. 

I look at my life and think, 

“Isn’t this a little too much to handle”

The roller coaster never stops, 

Its a never ending cycle of birth and death, 

Today is laughter and tomorrow sorrow, 

One family celebrates a birth in town while another family grieves in the suburbs. 

Is it ever enough?  

How can it be, 

Birth and death don’t matter, 

Young or old, 

Thats not really the question, 

What really matters is what you do with the time you have at hand. 

At times its a little too much, 

Sometimes its not what you bargained for, 

But that gives you no right to give up, 

It gives you extraordinary strength to keep pushing. 

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