Impossible Love. 

How do you turn a dark heart light, 

Make it see light and no longer darkness, 

Make it forget the harsh past, 

See the bright future? 

He was willing to give it his all, 

His whole life, 

His downs, 

His ups, 

He shared his joy and sadness, 

She wanted love so much more than him, 

She felt safe around him, 

Somehow she knew she was safe around him, 

Everything seemed fine, 

Until the day it was no longer safe for them to be together, 

There were forces that we’re pulling them apart more than keeping them together, 

She was scared because she knew the end game of their love, 

It was simply impossible love, 

It was a road that led to heart break and sadness, 

Yet even her, 

She wasn’t willing to give it up. 

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