a whisper

she was a teen in her early teens.Sense disappeared with chaos at home and scandals at school

the noise too loud she hardly heard herself speak

out for an evening stroll she went trying to ease her mind,listen to her own thoughts

the night was quiet.the breeze gently whispered and stars did not shy from shining

but even the star lit sky offered little comfort.she scanned one last time for a shooting star before heading to the nightmare she called home

later that night alone in her room worn out by life she took a pill one too many

as she slipped in that deep darkness She hoped the sun will shine again in a different world, a happier world

three days later light shone once more only not in a different world nor a happier one

her bones felt shattered but not as  much as her soul.she knew she had to give life a chance given her second chance

in barely a whisper she said i will get through this……

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